Keep the Law: Stop Neighborhood Oil Drilling

Keep the Law: Stop Neighborhood Oil Drilling

A handful of fossil fuel donors have launched a multimillion-dollar campaign to reverse historic environmental protections for millions of Californians. Act now—no matter where you live—to help permanently end oil and gas neighborhood drilling in California.

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California’s fossil fuel industry is trying to reverse key state legislation that environmental justice activists fought for decades to pass. The law, Senate Bill 1137 (SB-1137), was passed by Governor Newsom to protect nearly 3 million residents—spanning low-income, Black, and Brown frontline communities—from the toxic impacts of living within 3,200 feet of active oil and gas wells.

In response, Big Oil spent millions to put the law up for a ballot referendum this November, effectively pausing SB-1137 and potentially reversing it. The same industry that fuels the climate crisis is now trying to sway voters to overturn the law. Act now, no matter where you live, to keep the law and end neighborhood drilling in California.

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